Terzij de Horde / Ggu:ll - A Robe Of Words

18 Apr 2023 - Thorsten

Genre: Black Metal, Sludge Metal


This track by Terzij de Horde is so heavy that the video is shaking. Well, joke aside - “A Robe of Words” is a feisty, rough, blackened monster in red and green that will capture your every nerve even though it follows a well-known formula. Enjoy the video premiere here on Veil of Sound.

Stephan’s review of Van Grond is only a few days only and we already with more news - today in the form of this stunning video which seems to consist of nothing else that eruptions, detonations and explosions - all in various shades of red and certain shades of green. Before anybody tries to call out the band for the song’s structure - yes, we are aware of the track following a regular blackened Post-Metal formula but that does not in any way diminish the effect it has on the audience - from the very first second we are drawn into the song, grabbled by our neck and diving headfirst into this abyssal, relentless labyrinth of riffs, noise, pummeling drums and screaming vocals about “a thousand possibilities”! Do not miss out on this release on Saturday’s Record Store Day. Maybe you can also get a copy here on Consouling Sounds’ website afterwards. (By the way the colors are as explosive as the video!) And now enjoy “A Robe Of Words”!