[Video Premiere] A Giant Echo - Resins (part two)

[Video Premiere] Terzij de Horde / Ggu:ll - A Robe Of Words

Featured Playlist #85 - Violent Magic Orchestra

VMO, short for Violent Magic Orchestra is a relatively new act, that is for sure. The Osaka, Japan-based project is nothing less than an amalgam of the most diverse kind. There is a lot of Drum’n’Bass in the vein of Roni Size in their music but also a lot of Black Metal - so some people might call this Dungeon Synth, but it is much more beat-oriented and modern in sound. That diverse mix can also be seen in their playlist. There are songs by Melt Banana, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and even Robert Miles but also tracks by Full of Hell, Mayhem, Brujeria or Burial.

The planet HELVETECH in 2099 has the same music as Earth. This time, we VMO chose music up to 2023. The future is still early for those reading this. If you want to hear the music of the future, listen to VMO. メイヘム is a hardcore man. ダークスローン is an electronic man. ゴルゴロス is a light man. ザスター is addicted to anime and K-POP. And VMO was born on the planet HELVETECH. That’s all. Have fun.

Violent Magic Orchestra