A Giant Echo - Resins (part two)

19 Apr 2023 - Thorsten

Genre: Neofolk, Singer/Songwriter


We are sorry for this late premiere but we had some technical problems today! However, we are not sorry for this late premiere because good music there is only one time for good music: Any time! A Giant Echo is a folk-singer/songwriter project from Italy and “Resins (part two)” is a wonderfully warm track to keep you company during these troubled times. Enjoy this track any time you want.

A few full moons ago, A Giant Echo released their latest full-length called Resins 2 (it can be ordered here). Today we give you the video for the second track on the record - all tracks are numbered but not really in sequence and the fifth track is called “last part”. The video purveys the image of a warm late autumn or early winter day in Italy and yes, the video emanates the same comforting atmosphere hinted at in these words. We follow bandleader Sergio on his (dream) journey and throughout we are accompanied by some enchanting and embracing notes, chords and harmonies. Yes, this is pure neo-folk or singer-songwriter magic and it is as soothing as can be. We are living in hectic times? Yes and do you need something to hold on to get through? Then this song and its video might be just the thing for you! Enjoy!